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is an invitation to take a 'walk' in your individual inner 'landscape'.
The process can help you  to
~Clarify an issue 
~Get round a blockage
~ Motivate yourself
~ Resolve a problem
 ~Locate hidden resources 

In a  session of Symbolic Encounters, careful attention is paid to the words you choose, the metaphors you automatically reach for to describe  a situation, an experience, or a dilemma. 
It's not therapy, but more of a quest, an exploration into what may be blocking fulfilment of an aim. The method is simple, but surprisingly effective and profound.

It is a method developed from a particular training*,  as an addition to my 40 years of engagement with the traditional foundations of meditation,  self-enquiry, contemplation and  developmental disciplines. .

Symbolic Encounters can open the door a little .......

For a practical example and  explanation of how working with symbols can  produce change, see examples  on new site
*  Symbolic Modelling, Lawley and Tompkins, from David Grove


Through the arch..........


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