Meaning by Design - Symbolic Encounters
   What is important to you? 

Symbolic Encounters 
is an invitation to take a 'walk' in your individual inner 'landscape', assisting you to
~Clarify an issue 
~Get round a blockage
~ Motivate yourself
~ Resolve a problem
 ~Locate hidden resources 

Seeing symbols:
Shared symbols -- a flag, the scales of Justice, five interlocking Olympic rings, the caduceus , an eagle, rose or triangle -- are a statement about certain values and allegiances we hold in common. There's enough emotional power in some of these  to serve for a lifetime, or to die for.  

Universally the heart is seen as a symbol of love.
A mountain may symbolise grandeur, solidity or striving.
The sword menaces or protects.

However, we individuals have our own personal symbolic representations, whether we are aware of them or not. Significant issues, our real values, and above all the imprint of trauma or joys are recorded in the psyche.  Perhaps condensed into a picture, evoked by a scent or a sound. They are stored away, semi-forgotten below conscious awareness.
But they have power,  to a degree we may not recognise. 
Until asked to pull them forth, the shape --the metaphor we would use to describe them-- is hidden. We are subliminally influenced by this private 'symbolic landscape', which is shaping our thoughts, actions and  reactions, and our fears, attractions and aversions.

Reactive states which, unrecognised, have become blocks. 
Potentialities locked away undeveloped. 
Aspirations out of reach, too nebulous and unformed to motivate us.

Symbolic Encounters can open the door a little .......

Example:  A woman likened a sudden traumatic event in her life as "it was like the twin towers of 9/11 collapsing". Although it had occurred many years before, those inward towers never stopped collapsing for her, re-animating and preserving all the fear and contraction. Until, by exploring this powerful metaphor, she realised that she was so bound in to the destructive image, and influenced by it, that she had never acknowledged the other non-negative consequences of the event. The image dissolved,  and the metaphor, frozen by her original reaction, no longer had power to condition her life and responses.

Example :  One individual described the two aspects of his interest as two pools . One was light and tranquil, the other dark but with animals from the plain coming to drink. He moved from one to the other, exploring the ramifications, the detail  of the metaphor, which formed naturally in the mind's eye, while another level of mind understood  exactly the implications of each particular. Afterwards, he knew what he must do.


Through the arch..........


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