Meaning by Design - Symbolic Encounters

"We had the experience but missed the meaning,
And approach to the meaning restores the experience
In a different form..."
T S Eliot: Dry Salvages

A session of Symbolic Encounters, can unlock some of your own inner symbology  by attention to the words you use, and the metaphors you reach for to describe  a situation, an experience, or a dilemma. It's an investigation into roots, the roots of your language, and the results might surprise you.

It's not therapy, but more of a quest, an exploration into values, or what may be blocking the fulfilment of what you value, and very simple. 
You just have to talk!  As coach, I  guide with a recognised method of enquiry to open up the hidden dimensions which you can be quite certain, do exist. 

 Symbolic Encounters is  a new way of approaching fundamental and personal issues for people who want to understand themselves and life better.

For over 40 years  I have been engaged with the traditional foundations of meditation,  self-enquiry, contemplation and  developmental disciplines, and these methods have never been superseded for those who want to enquire into  the meaning of life from actual experience  not  theories, doctrines or beliefs.

But practices also evolve and methods modify
as people, societies and  technologies move on.

Therefore the aim of  a Symbolic Encounter is to restore the 'missing ' meaning of experience, by approaching in a different way.

Where is it you want to be headed.......

Contact me and I will explain the gentle, non-invasive method through which  you may find your blockages and dilemmas shifting and  transforming.

For a practical example and  explanation of how working with symbols can  produce change, see my blog post   Analysis: Working with Symbols (The Power of Symbols)

 Design is not accident 
 Meaning is a craft

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