Meaning by Design - Symbolic Encounters

"We had the experience but missed the meaning,
And approach to the meaning restores the experience
In a different form..."
T S Eliot: Dry Salvages

Understanding  the roots of human  experience  is a perennial quest ~ like a plant which flowers year after year, always  new,  but from the same root-stock to produce one particular plant.  It demands study, research, practice and observation......

So what's new?

After 40 years  so engaged, I have verified that the traditional foundations of meditation,  self-enquiry, contemplation and  developmental disciplines have never been superseded for those who want to know ~ from actual experience  not theory ~ more about life and its meaning.

But practices also evolve and methods modify, as people, societies and  technologies move on.

Hence  Symbolic Encounters,  a new way of approaching old issues.

In the  cave of the psyche are treasures, but we have to tackle the dragons standing guard to reach the cave.

What are your dragons?

We all have them !

 A Symbolic Encounters session, whether face to face or via phone or web, could  help you focus your feelings and set a direction, as you find out more  about where you want to be headed.......

Contact me and I will explain. 

The very words we use are symbolic. 
Guided into a very gentle, non-invasive exploration, you may find your blockages and dilemmas shifting and  transforming.

For a practical example and  explanation of how working with symbols can  produce change, see my blog post   Analysis: Working with Symbols (The Power of Symbols)

 Design is not accident 
 Meaning is a craft

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