Meaning by Design - Symbolic Encounters

Individual Symbolic Encounter sessions:

1 hour sessions in North London person to person, or by skype  or phone
First session £20
Subsequent sessions £30

I recommend  a sequence of  7 sessions to reach a particular point of consolidation. Payment  in advance for 6 will include the first for free.

(Note: A session can be very effective without face to face contact.)  

For queries and more information about how it might work for you, please email  me.

I look forward to hearing from you.....
                                                                                        Lucy Oliver

Email : 

                                  Or  fill out the form below :

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 If you are  interested in learning meditation, see my meditation page below for description and details.   Please get in touch.

or for further discussion of contemplative issues

Diploma & D.Phil research: University of  Oxford :- the nature of sacred symbolism.
Author of The Meditator's Guidebook,  Inner Traditions, Destiny USA, 1996
Writer & Speaker:  Classic Meditation technique, mythological, metaphysical subjects
Teacher of  English Language and Literature.
Tutor of  French, EFL, Business English, Basic Skills
Extensive experiential and philosophical training in the language of traditional mythology and Symbolism.
Teacher & practitioner of Meditation derived from western oral tradition.
Founding member of Saros Foundation for the Perpetuation of Knowledge, and 

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