Meaning by Design - Symbolic Encounters
   What is important to you? 

We live in a world of symbols, and knowing more about yours can make your life more meaningful.

Perhaps making  life more meaningful and more conscious is not everyone's ambition. 
If it's yours, read on.  
Learning to read the symbolic language of your own subliminal self for the knowledge it is hiding is a first step to opening further dimensions of awareness. 

A session of Symbolic Encounters can open the door...... 

When life appears to have "no meaning”,
meaning is sometimes hidden from view. 

So what is a symbol, and why are symbols important?  

Every thing, every aspect of experience potentially has symbolic value, which means it has power in a way we may not recognise. As individuals we have an inner world in which significant matters are stored in symbolic form, just as in dreams one thing can stand for another, 'missing a bus' is about something much more than transport, and being given a badge in the shape of a bird is telling you something ~ about yourself, about some current situation, about what you value.

It forms a private symbolic landscape.   We live in this  'landscape' , subliminally influenced daily in everything we do, how we react, what we pursue, what we avoid or fear.  To know more about the symbols governing your life is a step towards change, towards break-through and freedom. 

Significant to you , though not necessarily to others, might be :
the scent of jasmine,  a golf-club,  a favourite chair,   a distant mountain, the sound of an ice-cream van,  the smell of home-baked bread ~  
or  a  flag,  a logo, a religious symbol ~   
or the Earth.  Or simply earth , fire, the sea ~

In each, a world of your experience  or dreams.

Symbolic Encounters is an invitation to take a 'walk' in your individual inner 'landscape', guided by a safe and recognised method which encourages self-knowing and transformation.  In this way, you become a partner in the design, not a slave to it.

~Clarify an issue 
~Get round a blockage
~ Motivate yourself
~ Resolve a problem
 ~Locate hidden resources 

Know Thyself


Through the arch..........



Stairway to .........?   
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